The Bible Study (Physical)

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WE RAN OUT! But don't worry you can still grab your copy of The Bible Study today. All backorders will be fulfilled and sent out for delivery by the end of September.

The Bible Study is a one year study of the Bible that focuses on how each book relates to YOUR life. It’s for the Millennial Christian - to get our generation back into the Word of God.

8.5x11, Full Color, Thick Pages

Book One: 240 pages
Book Two: 216 pages

Includes both books

 Inside you'll find:

  • Daily & Weekly Guide that walks you through the Word, growing you as a Christian, and transforming your heart and mind in the process
  • In Depth Questions that help you strengthen your relationship with God, yourself, and others.
  • Colorful And Engaging Pages to draw you in, and create excitement for studying the Bible and connecting with God.


If you want a deeper connection with God while transforming your heart and mind, grab The Bible Study and begin your journey today. 

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